About Us


A History of Success

There are at any given time between 5,000 and 14,000 registered Realtors in the Austin market, yet when you search for Realtors who have successfully stayed in the business for each of the last 30 years, that number drops dramatically. When your further search for realtors who have successfully sold in the luxury home market for the last 30 years that number gets very small.

Jerry Winnett has been selling luxury real estate in the Lakeway, Texas market since 1978. You don’t last that long in this business unless you have developed a reputation as an exceptional realtor, and a track record to prove it. In fact, our entire team at The Winnett Group is made up of exceptional realtors with similar histories and success records.

When it comes to experience and expertise in marketing and selling luxury custom homes, no one else has the history of success that The Winnett Group enjoys.

A Wealth of Experience

qode interactive strataWith over 30 years of real estate experience, almost entirely in the Lakeway and West Austin Hill Country markets, Jerry Winnett brings a wealth of experience to bear in marketing your luxury custom home or land. Over that time Jerry has put together a team of equally experienced and expert brokers and agents. He has also built a strong network of supporting title companies, appraisal companies, mortgage brokers, etc. to provide turnkey service to The Winnett Group clients.