Unparalleled Expertise


Decades of Experience Selling Luxury Custom Homes

The Austin real estate market is very competitive. With over 7,000 realtors to choose from, it is no wonder selecting a good Realtor can be a daunting challenge. As with any professional services industry, longevity is one of the most telling factors. Realtors come and go with the changing tides of the real estate market, but The Winnett Group has remained successful in both good and bad market cycles.

The reason for our exceptional success is our unparalleled expertise.

The Winnett Group team is entirely made up of seasoned professionals with many years of experience selling luxury custom homes. Jerry Winnett has over 30 years experience, and an intimate knowledge of the Lakeway area gained from years of working with developers and clients alike. Jerry has been here since the birth of Lakeway, starting in 1978 when he worked for The Lakeway Company, one of the original developers. He has seen Lakeway grow from a sleepy resort community to the preeminent luxury custom home market it is today, and has been instrumental in that growth. If you want to truly understand the Lakeway area, let Jerry explain it to you sometime…